Abruzzo Region Highlights and Information

The Abruzzo region is a very majestic region with mountainous views to the west and views of the Adriatic sea to the east. Because the region is fairly remote it is often overlooked by tourists but the region is not without great places to go and sites to see.

With spectacular mountain views, Roman ruins, medieval castles,  monasteries and villages scattered through the entire region giving vacationers plenty of things to do inland.  The region is about 4,155 square miles is to close 80 miles long and 65

miles wide, has 305 towns with a population of a little over 1,342,000 people. The capital city of the Abruzzo region is L'Aquila located near its northwestern border and very close to the Lazio region. Abruzzo also borders three other Italian regions which are Marche to the north, Molise to the south and Lazio to the west. There are almost 80 miles of coastline in the Abruzzo region ranging from rocky shores near the city of Vasto and starting a little south of Francavilla al Mare and running almost the entire length of the coast to the Abruzzo border

Map of Italy highlighting Abruzzo

town of Martinsicuro is nonstop beach resorts. Of course there are beaches and resorts to the south but the majority of them are between these two towns. If laying by the beach isn't what you're interested in doing there are plenty of other outdoor activities to do in this mountainous region. There are plenty of places to go camping, hiking, bicycling, mountain biking, as well as skiing in the winter.