Aosta Valley Region Highlights and Information

The Aosta Valley region is Located in the north western part of  Italy and is the smallest region in Italy only about 3,858 sq miles with 74 towns and a population of about 128,000. It borders France and Switzerland which also happens to have some of the highest mountains in Europe. With this region bordering these two countries you can likely hear a wide variety of languages spoken as well as different dialects of each language making for an interesting walk down many of the streets. The Capital of the region is Aosta The town was originally founded as a military camp by Caesar Augustus.

Being that The Aosta Valley is surrounded by mountains you would expect the region to be one of Italy's ski heavens and you would be correct. With  its main resort being located in the city of Courmayeur and is one of the most popular ski destinations in Europe. After you are finished with a day of skiing you can also indulge on one of the other local pleasures of the hot springs in the area.

Don't think the only thing to do in the region is skiing because the mountains are also great in the summer for hikers, climbers and campers. I should also mention there is an ample amount of streams for trout fishing which can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

With Italy being so deep in art and culture there are many signs of its artful heritage everywhere with the many churches and castles throughout the region. There is also a fine display of marble statues and other sculptures to view at the Treasury Museum of the cathedral in Aosta.