Calabria Region Information and Highlights

Calabria also called the toe of Italy is the only region to be a total peninsula and has very little land that isn't surrounded by water. Calabria has an area of about 5,822 square miles has 409 towns and a population of 2,011,000 people.

The capitol city of Calabria is Catanzaro which is located a little past the midway of the region and is only a few miles from the coast. Other popular cities in Calabria are Reggio to the south Cosenza to the north west and Crotone to the east.

The region is somewhat long and skinny and measuring from northeast to southwest about 125 miles, the northern section of the region is wider the than the south with an average width of about 25 miles and the southern section about 15 miles.

With the exception of the mountains running through the center of the region it would be easy to get from one side of the region to the other. Since mentioning mountains there are three different mountain ranges  in this small

Map of Italy Highlighting Calabria

region which are the Pollino, La Sila and the Aspromonte mountains all of which run through the middle of the region and get lower as they reach the coast. Each mountain range is unique because each has its own type of vegetation that the others don't have.

Calabria has only one regional neighbor that it shares land with which is Basilicata but it does share the  strait of Messina with Sicily. Although Italy lies in the Mediterranean sea areas of the sea have different name and southern area of Calabria faces the Ionian sea and the northern area faces the Tyrrhenian sea.