With 335 miles of coastline Calabria like Apulia is a very popular region for beach goers but the regions coasts couldn't be more different. Calabria has long sections of sandy beaches leading to small areas of cliffs and rocky coastlines making it much different then Apulia. Even though Calabria has this much beach front, most of the beaches are not set up as commercial resorts giving easy access to everyone wanting to enjoy the beach.

There are some nice resorts near the Basilicata border near the town of Acquafredda. Another popular resort is down the coast a bit in the town of Guardia Piemontese and another farther down the coast in Coccorinello. There are stretches of beach and cliffs from there down to the town of Taureana then cliffs for a little while then more beaches.

Going to the beach isn't the only thing to do outdoors in Calabria depending on what time of time of year you plan on vacationing as there are also over 250 ski resorts scattered throughout the three mountain ranges.

There are also a wide array of Greek and Roman ruins throughout many of the towns in the region as well as having over 65 museums to choose from as well as some medieval castles. One of the more famous castles in the region is the castle of Santa Maria in the town of Roccelletta.

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