Friula-Venezia Giulia Region Highlights and Information

Friula-Venezia Giulia is the farthest east of all the northern regions and shares borders with the countries of Austria to the north and Slovenia to the east. Being a northern region it is also a very mountainous region with fantastic views that can rival any of the other regions. The Friula-Venezia Giulia region is one of the smaller regions of Italy with an area of about 3034 square miles making it very easy to travel from one side the region to the other. There are 218 towns with an overall population of about 1,235,808 with its capital city being Trieste which is located at the southern

most edge of the region on the coast. Other cities that deserves mentioning are Monfalcone, Pordenone, and Udine all of which are to the north west of Trieste.

The Friula-Venezia Giulia region also shares borders with only one other Italian regions which is Veneto to the west.  The region has about 55 miles of coastline but with the exception of the small beach resort built in Trieste for the most part there aren't any beaches to speak of that are touristy.

Map of Italy Highlighting Friula-Venezia Giulia

However there are some small beaches scattered around between the mostly rocky and cliff covered coastline which the local population use. Because this region isn't very heavily traveled by tourists the region remains a quiet and friendly place to visit and relax.

Being one of the most remote regions of Italy Friula-Venezia Giulia has many thriving industries more so in the costal areas rather then deep in the region.