Museums in or near Aquileia

  National Museum of Early Christian

  National Archaeological Museum

Museums near Fogliano Redipuglia

  Military Historical Museum

  Museum of San Michele

  Museum of the City Documentary

  Gallery of Contemporary Art Luigi Spazzapan

  Automobile and Technology Museum

  Friulian Museum of Rural Life

Museums in or near Gorizia

  Palace Coronini Cronberg Foundation non-   profit organization

  Provincial Museum of History

  Provincial museums Palazzo Attems

  Provincial Museums: Archaeology Collection

  Provincial Museums: Museum of the Great   War

  Provincial Museums: Museum of Applied Arts  and Fashion

  Castle Museum

Museums in or near Grado

  Lapidary Museum of the Cathedral of St.   Euphemia

  National Archaeological Museum

  Antiquarian Cantianense

  Paleontological Museum of the Fortress

  Museum of Rural Life in Imperial Friuli

Museums in or near Pordenone

  Museum of ArtMuseo Civico delle Scienze

  Diocesan Museum

  Mining Museum

  Antiquarium Tesis

  Abbey Museum of Santa Maria in Sylvis

  Civic Museum "F. de Rocco"

  Provincial Museum of Country Life

Museums in or near San Vito Al Tagliamento

  Civic Museum "F. de Rocco"

  Provincial Museum of Country Life

  Villa Manin

  Civic Museum of Science

  Museum of Art

Museums in or near Trieste


  Donazione "Sambo"

  Historical Gallery of Lloyd

  lapidary Tergestina

  Municipal Railway Museum of Trieste Campo   Marzio

  Museum "Morpurgo"

  Museum "Revoltella" and Gallery of Modern   Art

  Museum of Oriental Art

  Museum of the Castle of S. Right

  Museum of the Jewish Community

  Museum of the Sea

  Museum of Risorgimento and Shrine

  Museum of San Risiera sabbath

  Museum of War For Peace

  Museum of History and Art and Garden   Lapidary

  Museum of Natural History

  Museum SartorioCivico Museo Teatrale

  National Gallery of Ancient Art

  Scientific Imagination

  Risiera di San Sabba

  Via Donota Antiquarian

  Via Donaggio, hamlet Borgo San Sergio

Museums in or near Udine

  Civic Museums and Ancient Art Gallery

  Gallery of Modern Art

  Cathedral Museum

  Diocesan Museum and Gallery of Tiepolo

  Friuli Museum of Natural History