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Choosing a Sightseeing Tour

There are many different types of cities tours that are available in the major cities, all can be fun and most of them will be very informative. After you read this section you should feel more comfortable and confident about choosing and making tour reservations online. When I get to a city I had never been to before even though I have plotted my sightseeing days out on google maps I like take one of the overall city tours to get an idea of where all the sights I want to see are in relation to the hotel I am staying in and to each other, it helps me get my bearings for looking at the maps I made at home. This type of tour is just a drive around the city and the driver points out the sights and will give a brief description about them. There are no stops to look at anything no stops for lunch or any kind of shopping, it is just a look around tour and normally lasts between an hour and two hours. All other tours you pick will be specific to the sites you want to see but you will still get information about sights you are passing on the way to your chosen site.

Generally all tours are guided tours and will have a tour guide to tell you what you are looking at on your way to a site you have chosen to see, once you are at the site the guide will take you through the site telling you about the history of the site, what it was used for and many other details.

For as many cities as there are to see there are just about as many city tours to go on, many tours can be half day tours seeing one sight or all day tours seeing several sights. This kind of tour was always very popular with my parents as they got older because even though many of the sights they wanted to see were less than a half a mile apart it was much easier for them to be on the bus for that half mile then to walk it.

If you are staying in one city it doesn’t mean you can’t see sights in other cities, If you are staying in Rome there are many one day city tours to Florence, Naples, Pompeii and Pisa.

This can be a great way to see some of the sight in other cities you want to see and get a lot of information about then, it can also be a great way to meet people while you are vacationing since the people on each tour will be traveling as a group.

I highly recommend booking city tours before you leave on your vacation for a few reasons, while you are home you can take as much time looking at all the city tours that are available as you want without the pressure of having to pick out something for the next day. Reason 2 for booking at home is not having to look at 20 or more different tour brochures from 20 different companies that you will find in your hotel lobby. Another advantage of booking online is you can read a better description of what you will see on each of the city tours you are considering as far as how long the tour is, if there is a meal with the tour and much more information than you can get from a brochure and often there may be online discounts available.

With this in mine I put a links here to one of the world's biggest and best tour booking companies to save you the trouble of searching the web for what you want. The top link or picture to the right goes to the general site which will let you choose a country and city  to see all the available tours,  or you can click on one of the city specific pictures which will take you to the city tours that are available for the chosen city and the surrounding area.

If you choose the general site it is very easy to use, a little from the top left is a box that says find things to do, all you have to do is click on the first arrow and pick a country then click on the second arrow and pick a city, if you know the exact date you want a tour for put in the date and if there are any tours that are full it will show booked full. You can either pick a different tour or maybe a different date. When you finished picking your tour and date you will get a payment screen, fill in the screen and your finished booking your city tours.

Last but not least when booking any kind of tour make sure you choose the tour that is in your language, Italy is such a favorite tourist destination most of the tour companies offer tours in different languages.

City Tours