Museums in or near Alassio
  Don Bosco Museum of Natural Sciences
  Roman Naval Museum
  Civic Museum Ingauno
  Diocesan Museum
  Paleontological Museum S Lai

Museums in or near Albenga
  Civic Museum Ingauno
  Diocesan Museum
  Roman Naval Museum
  Paleontological Museum S Lai
  Don Bosco Museum of Natural Sciences
  From the Clock Tower Museum "G. B.   Bergallo"

Museums in or near Albissola Marina
  Mazzotti G Factory Home Museum
  Museum Studies at the Centre Jorn
  Museum of Villa "Faraggiana"

  Civic Museum
Art Gallery
Civic Historical Museum of Archaeology
Corso Mazzini, Fortress Priamar
Museum of Art Pertini
Corso Mazzini, the Palazzo della Loggia,   Fortress Priamar
Treasure Museum of the Sanctuary of Mercy

   Museums in or near Bonassola
Gallery of Modern Art
Permanent Exhibition of Material Culture
Mineralogical Museum Permanent
Diocesan Museum
Exhibition of Minerals and Archaeological   Finds
Museum "Parma Gem"

Museums in or near Bordighera
Permanent Exhibition "P. Mariani"
Museum of Song and Sound Reproduction
Museum of Villa "Hanbury"
Archeological Museum "G. Smith"
Prehistoric Museum of Balzi Rossi
Antiquarium Nervia

Museums in or near Camogli
Archaeological Museum
Maritime Museum G. B. Ferrari
Civic Museum of bobbin lace
A and C Gaffoglio Museum
Historical Museum of Archaeology

Museums in or near Campo Ligure
Watermark Museum
Civic Museum "A. Sheath"
Muvita Science Center
Museum of Paleontology and Mineralogy
Puppet Museum
Italian Red Cross Museum

Museums in or near Ceriale
Paleontological Museum S Lai
Roman Naval Museum
Civic Museum Ingauno
Diocesan Museum
Ethnographic Museum of the Valley Varatella

Museums in or near Chiavari
Civic Gallery of Palazzo Rocca
Museum "L. Garaventa" of the Economic   Society of Chiavari
The Archaeological Museum for Prehistory

  Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art
Picture Gallery of the Economic Society of   Chiavar

More Museums