Lombardy Region Highlights and Information

The Lombardy region of Italy is one of the larger northern regions and borders  the country of Switzerland and also shares borders with 4 other regions of Italy. Piedmont is to the west of Lombardy, Emilia Romagna is to the south while Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige are to the east. Lombardy has 1546 towns in the region, has a population of 9,920,000 making it the most populous of all the regions of Italy. The capitol city of Lombardy  is Milan which  is  located  in  the west central edge of the region.  Other notable towns in the region are Monza which is only about 15  miles

away from Milan, Sondrio in the north east, Brescia to the east and Pavia to the south.

Since Lombardy is the most populous region in Italy it is also the most industrialized region as well with many  different types of manufacturing plants throughout the region. Lombardy is also one of Italy's most modern regions with cities like Milan being the shopping and fashion hub of Italy with many high end boutiques to choose from. With this many people in the region it also means there is an

abundance of places for people to go for fine dining as well as a places to go to for just a snack.

With the Alps covering about half of the northern part of the Lombardy region makes it a great place for outdoor activities of all kinds. Starting with summertime fun in the area of camping there are 71 great campsites in Lombardy 11 of which are on the shores of beautiful lake Como. Lake Como is one of the most picturesque mountain lakes in Italy with most areas of the lake nestled between two mountain sides.

Not only are there many campsites around the lake but because of its size there are many towns and resorts along the lake as well. The way some of the towns are built on the mountain side as it gets close to the water you almost feel as if you were on the Amalfi coast. Whether you are camping or staying in a resort there are plenty of places to go hiking, mountain biking as well as road biking.  If you are more of a water sport person lake Como is  a great place to go power boating, skiing, and sailing.

Map of Italy Highlighting Lombardy