Museums in or near Monza

   Museum of the Duomo

   Museum Miscellaneous "Galbiati"
Contemporary Art Museum
Civic Museum
Collection P. Mariani

Museums in or near Pavia

   Civic Museum of the Visconti Castle
Museum of Mineralogy and Petrology
The Museum for History, University of Pavia

   Civic Museum of the Accordion
Civic Museum and Nature "Lombardi F."
Archaeological Museum of Casteggio and    Oltrepò Pavese
Kartell Museum
Museum of History in Pots

Museums in or near Romano di Lombardia

   Collection of Memories Community
African Museum and Village

   Naval Museum "O Zibetti"
Museum of the Wars
Museum of Memories
Museum of Rural Life

Museums in or near Sirmione

   Antiquarium of the Grotte di Catullo
Archaeological Museum G. Rambotti
Antiquarium of the Roman Villa
Museum of the Battle of St. Martin
Civic Museum of the Valley Tenes
Regimental Museum

Museums in or near Somma Lombardo

   Visconti Castle of St. Vitus
Civic Archaeological Museum
Civic Museum
Civic Gallery of Modern Art
Museum of the Basilica of Santa Maria    Assunta

Museums in or near Sondrio

   Mineralogical Museum Collection

   Valtellina Museum of History and Art
Natural History Museum of Ethnography
Ethnographic Museum
Parish Museum
Besta Palace
Antiquarian Tellinum

Museums in or near Tirano

   Ethnographic Museum of Tirano
Besta Palace
Antiquarian Tellinum
Museum of Traditional Costume
Park of Rock Engravings
Museo Civico Villa Visconti Venosta

Museums in or near Val Masino

   Ethnographic Museum Vallivo
Museum of Winemaking Mead and guns
Civic Museum of Natural History
Museum Homo Salvadego
Museum of the Val Codera

Museums in or near Varese

   Civic Museum: Castle Masnago
Civic Museum: Villa Mirabello
Via Beata Giuliana Museum
Museum of Baroffio and the Sacred Mountain