Marche Region Highlights and Information

The Marche's is one of the most beautiful and least traveled of the regions of Italy making  it a great place to visit if you want to avoid big crowds. The Marche's region is near the middle of the country on the coast of the Adriatic sea and has a large mountainous area to the west that flows eastwards into foothills as it nears the coast. The region has an area of about 3,616 square miles is nearly 120 miles long and has an average distance from west to east of around 50 miles. The region has 239 town with an overall population of  approximately 1,565,335 people scattered

 through the diverse region. The capitol city of the region is the coastal city of Ancona, not as  popular as other cities  to visit in the region because it is a large working seaport but still has many things to see and do.

The region is bordered by five other regions of Italy which are Emilia-Romagna to the north, a small section of Tuscany to the north west, Umbria to the west, a very small section of Lazio to the west and Abruzzo to the south. With about 100 miles of coastline, the region

Map of Italy Highlighting Marche

is a popular place to go to enjoy the beach with many beach resorts available as well as open beach areas . Starting with its northern most beach resort town of Gabicce Mare which has beautiful white sandy beaches followed by open areas of beach as well as some cliff side coast down to town of Pesaro. From there are sandy beaches down to a little north of the capitol city of Ancona which doesn't have any beaches since it is a very busy working port city.  As you work your way down the coast to the Town of Numana you will find a few more beach resorts.