The Marche's region has some mountains to the west which are very good for outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking and has some very nice places to go horseback riding. Maybe while outside you just want to relax and enjoy some of the fantastic views that are around the countryside. Having  working port the area it can be a great place to charter a fishing boat for a day of fishing on the open sea.

Being a region not known to many doesn’t mean there aren’t many things to see and do as the region has over 133 museums with its most famous being the National archaeological museum of the Marches in Ancona. This museum houses a nice collection of bronze statutes from the roman period. Because many towns in Italy use the same basic name for their museums like the municipal museum if you wanted specific information on a museum you would need to do a search with the name and town to get the exact information you are looking for.

As much of the Marche's is still unspoiled by progress there are many small towns like Fermo, Macerata San Marino and Ascoli Piceno to visit for a nice relaxing vacation or to take a nice drive around the area and see the views of the countryside. There is also great Italian home cooking in the many small town restaurants which is for the most part unchanged by tourism.

As there is far more things that I can’t provide information for you could try wikipedia which has thousands of people from all over the world providing them with information. Also don't forget to come back to do your hotel search and booking once you have picked out the city you want to visit or just bookmark the links page.

I hope my article helps you decide which parts of Italy you want to visit and by using the Planning your Italian vacation page will make planning your Vacation a breeze.