Piedmont Region Highlights and Information

Piedmont is one of Italy's northern regions and borders the countries of France and Switzerland and in this area of Europe is where a large part of the Alps are. Piedmont Is about 40 percent covered by the Alps but also has many areas of lowlands where large fields of crops are grown. The Piedmont region is the second largest of the Italian regions with an area of about 9,807 square miles. The region has 1206 towns a total population of around 4,458,000 people and the capitol city s Turin, which is how  westerners spell it but

Italians spell it Turino. From its north eastern edge to its south west border with France is about 125 miles and is around 95 miles at its widest point.

Piedmont shares borders with 4 other Italian regions which are, the Aosta Valley to the north, Lombardy to the east, Liguria to the south and a tiny section of Emilia Romagna to the south east. Because Piedmont also shares borders with France and Switzerland you will hear a wide variety of languages and dialects

Map of Italy Highlighting Piedmont

spoken in the region which could make for an interesting vacation. Piedmont is also one of only five Italian regions with no coastline so going to the beach in the region isn't something you can do however the Liguria region has many beaches so there is easy access.

About 40% of Piedmont is covered by the Alps,  so much of the area will be sparsely populated which also means many of the towns should be small and very quaint.