Activities vary greatly in Piedmont as outdoors there are many hiking trails to choose from as well as mountain bike trails and rock climbing areas. Other thing to do outdoors include looking at the local architecture which varies from town to town. In the town of Turin there is a Roman ruin to explore and the region also has a number of medieval castles several of which have been turned into hotels and at least one that can be rented for weddings.

Piedmont hosts motor sports events as well and will host a round of the 2017 FIM motocross championships near the town of Maggiora on the weekend of June 25th.

Summertime is not the only time the Piedmont region can be enjoyed and with 40 percent of the region being covered by the Alps it is also a winter playground. No wonder considering the 2006 winter Olympics were held in the region so there are plenty of places to go for fun. Not only can you do regular skiing in the region but there are many areas where you can go cross country skiing and with 41 ski resorts in the region it should be easy to find a place to your liking.

Although Piedmont may not be one of the more cultural regions like Tuscany or Lazio it still has its share of great museums. One of which is the Egyptian Museum in Turin which is considered the second most important Egyptian Museum after the Cairo Museum. Another notable Museum is the Royal armory also in Turin and consists of three large rooms displaying weapons from prehistoric times up through the medieval times.


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