Sardinia Region Sightseeing Information

The Sardinian region of Italy being an island is the only Italian region with no Italian neighbors, it's closest neighbor is the French island of Corsica being only a few miles away. Sardinia has an area of about 9,301 square miles has 377 towns in the region with a population of 1,675,500 with its capital city being Cagliari. Notable cities worth mentioning are Porto Torres on the north coast, Alghero, Oristano and Carbonia all on the west coast and Assemini on the southern coast. Sardinia is also the second largest Island in the Mediterranean sea. The Island is about 130 miles

Long and 80 miles wide with a coastline of close to 380 miles.

For an island with that much coastline you would think there would be an abundance of beaches to go to but for the most part the coast is rocky and cliff filled with cove beaches scattered along the coast. There are a few famous beaches on the island most notable beach being Arutas which is on the north coast of the island. Considering Sardinia's coastline this beach is considered quite long  however

there really aren't any beach resorts along this stretch of beach  but it is beautiful nun the less.

There are a few beach resorts on the island one being near the town of Villaggio Mandorli which is near the south eastern edge of the island. The largest beach resort on the island is near the town of Simius which is oddly enough about  2 miles east of the other main resort.

Map of Italy Highlighting Sardinia