The temples were built between the 5th and 6th centuries and are in honor of both Greek and Roman Gods. There are many other archeological sites in Sicily from many different eras with temples and amphitheaters among the many buildings to look at.

Once you are away from the ruins and into the towns if you haven't had your fill of archeology yet there is plenty more to see as well with over 135 museums in Sicily with different collections from many different eras for all to see. When you have finished visiting then museums, many towns have vibrant shopping areas to choose from as well as fine restaurants for a nice lunch or dinner.

Because many towns in Italy use the same name for their museums the municipal museum for example is use a lot, if you find a museum you would like information about you would need to do a search with the museum name and town it is in to get the information you want.

It would be great if I could provide information and a link for every city and every museum in each region but not many if any websites could really do that. With that in mind if you want information on any place you find interesting that you found here you could try wikipedia which has thousands of people from all over the world providing them with information. Also don't forget to come back to do your hotel search and bookingh once you have picked out the city you want to visit or just bookmark the links page.

Hopefully the information in this section will help you to decide where in Italy you may want to spend all or some of your vacation and will be used in conjunction with the Planning your Italian vacation page to make planning your vacation much easier.