Often when people think of Tuscany they think of wide open spaces with picturesque winding roads with vineyards lining the road on both sides. While this is possible in a few areas most of Tuscany is famous for its museums and architecture and the region has many famous museums and famous buildings. The two most famous museums are in Florence and are the Accademia Gallery which houses Michelangelo David, the other is the Uffizi Gallery which has many works of Michelangelo as well as many other famous artist.

While going to museums is the most common thing to do in Tuscany there are also many outdoor activities to do and some would surprise you, like organized mountain bike tours through different parts of the countryside as well as road bike rides between some towns.

Snow skiing is the last thing that comes to mind when thinking of Tuscany but as most of Italy is very mountainous this also includes Tuscany and the region has at least 8 ski areas with nice resorts, so vacationing in Tuscany isn’t only a nice weather occurrence.  

In Florence while you go from museum to museum you can head over the the Arno river and look over the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge as this is a landmark of Florence.

After you have seen the museums and famous buildings of Tuscany you could schedule one of the many vineyard tours that are offered in a few different parts of Tuscany, most are offered as a day type trip from some of the major cities of the region. Tuscany also has a nice area of beach resorts that many don’t think about so if you have had a hectic time of sightseeing you may consider taking a day to head to the coast and relax at the beach.


It would be great if I could provide information and a link for every city and every museum in each region but not many if any websites could really do that. With that in mind if you want information on any place you find interesting that you found here you could try wikipedia which has thousands of people from all over the world providing them with information. Also don't forget to come back to do your hotel search and booking once you have picked out the city you want to visit or just bookmark the links page.

Hopefully the information provided will help you to better decide where in Italy you may want to go and by using the Planning your Italian vacation page will make planning your Italian Vacation a breeze.