Umbria Region Highlights and Information

The Umbria Region of Italy can be very easy to find because on a map it is pretty much dead center in the middle of the country north to south and east to west. Umbria is one of only 5 regions of Italy without any coastline so visiting the beach along the sea won't be possible unless you go to one of the neighboring regions coast. The Umbria region is one of the smaller regions in Italy with an area of about 3,264 sq miles. There are 92 towns in the region with the capitol city being Perugia. Other notable cities in the region are Citta di Castello, Assisi, Terni, Orvieto and

Spoleto. Umbria is almost as wide as it is long with the north to south distance being about 55 miles and east to west being 46 miles.

The region shares its borders with 3 other Italian regions which are Tuscany to the north west, Lazio to the south west and Marche to the east. Although Umbria has no coastline there is a very nice big lake in the north western area of the region with some nice lakeside beaches. The Apennine mountains run through the middle of the region but it

seems like they break up a bit and are more like foothills, not that there aren't some great mountain views but the peaks aren't quite as high as in other regions.

Even though the mountains run through the region there really isn't any skiing in the area, most likely as mentioned above how the mountains seem to break apart is the reason for this.