Umbria has a lot of outdoor activities and one of the most popular is near lake Trasimeno where it is windy making the lake a destination for wind surfers and sail borders, hiking, mountain biking or rock climbing is also popular there as well. Besides biking in the mountains there are also many rode biking routes in the region taking you through some very picturesque areas on your way from town to town.

You may think with all the outdoor activates Umbria has, there might not be as much art and culture as some other regions but for its size Umbria has an amazing 63 museums and galleries scattered throughout the towns. A few of the more famous are in Perguia and are the National gallery of Umbria, which has an impressive collection of gothic paintings and the National Archaeological museum.

After you have looked through the museums of your choice you can also go to some of the Roman ruins in area with the towns of Assisi, Gubbio, Spello and Spoleto having some nice archaeological sites. As with all of Italy Umbria is filled with towns with old world charm where life moves along at a slower pace making for a less hectic vacation.

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