Ravenna isn't a coastal city it is the largest city near the coast being only about 3 miles from the beach. Along the coastline you find many nice towns like Cervia, Cesenatico, Rimini, and Riccione. Because there is only 42 miles of coastline in this region any of these cities would be an easy drive from each other.

Once you leave the coast and head west it isn't long before you are in the mountainous areas of the region.  In the area there are many ski areas with a wide variety of ski resorts ranging from large lodges to quaint cottages for those of you who are planning a winter vacation.

Something the Emilia Romagna region has that no other region has is bragging rights as they are the home of three of the most famous sports car factories in the world. Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini are all made in the region. While both Ferrari and Maserati share the same town of Modena as there world headquarters the Ferrari factory is in the town of Maranello a little south of Modena and the Maserati factory is in Modena.  

If this isn't enough the famous Ducati motorcycle world headquarters and factory are in Bologna, making it very impressive in saying 4 world famous vehicles manufactures are within about 30 to 40 miles of each other. If you are staying in Bologna and want to visit any of the auto museums there is a great tour company in Italy which books guided tours to both the Ferrari, and Lamborghini museums, there is a tour of the Maserati museum however it is booked directly through Maserati.

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