Museums in or near Bergamo

   Carrara Academy Gallery of Modern Art

   Civic Archaeological Museum
Museum of Natural Sciences' E. Caffi
Diocesan Museum "A. Bernareggi
Donizetti Museum
Historical Museum of the City
Military Historical Museum
Museum Network Diocese of Bergamo

Museums in or near Bormio

   Civic Museum
Mineralogical Museum and Nature
Museum Vallivo
Museum of Traditional Costume
Park of Rock Engravings
Civic Museum Villa Visconti Venosta
Museum Villa "Visconti Venosta "

Museums in or near Brescia

   Museum Civici: Museo del Risorgimento
   Museum Civici: Museo delle Armi "L.    Marzoli"
   Museum Civici: Museo Romano
Museum "Ken Damy" Contemporary    Photography

   Museum "Rivarossi" Miniature Train
Museum of Modern Art association
Museum of Industry and Labour "E. Battisti
City Museum of Santa Giulia
Museum of Natural Sciences
Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art
National Museum of Photography
Tosio Martinengo Art Gallery

Museums in or near Como

   Civic Archaeological Museum P. Giovio
   Museum Casartelli
Educational Silk Museum
G. Garibaldi Historical Museum
Picture Gallery in Palazzo Volpi
Volta Temple

Museums in or near Cremona

   Farmhouse Museum of Rural Life
Collection of violins of Palazzo Comunale
   Museum Berenziano
   Museum Civico "Ala Ponzone"
Museum of Natural History
Teaching Museum organological
Stradivari Museum

Museums in or near Desenzano Del Garda

   Antiquarium of the Roman Villa
Archaeological Museum G. Rambotti
Museum of the Battle of St. Martin
Antiquarium of the Grotte di Catullo
Civic Museum of the Valley Tenes

   International Red Cross Museum

Museums in or near Lecco

  City Art Gallery Museum Manzoni
Museum of the Mountain
Museum of Natural Sciences & Archaeology
Silk Road Museum "Abegg"
Monti Silk Civic Museum
Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Museum
   Museum M. Rosso
Historical and Ethnographic Museum

Museums in or near Legnano

   Civic Museum "G. Sutermeister
Historical Museum "C. Musazzi"
Museum of Industrial Textiles and Tradition
Bandera Foundation For The Arts

   Civic Art Collections Palazzo Cicogna
Military Historical Museum Umberto

Museums in or near Lodi

   Civic Museum
Museum of the Treasury Incoronata

   Museum of Natural Science College of St.    Francis
Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art

   Small Museum of Peoples

Museums in or near Mantova

   Museum "T. Nuvolari"
National Archaeological Museum
Civic Museum of Palazzo Te
Museum of the Risorgimento. And    Resistance "Giusti A."
Museum of the National Virgilian
Museum of Palazzo d'Arco
Museum of Palazzo Ducale
Diocesan Museum "F. Gonzaga"
Historical Museum Fire Department

Museums in or near Milan

   Buma Museum
   Cenacolo Vinciano
Civic Archaeological and Numismatic    Collections
Civic Archaeological Collections Egyptian    and Prehistoric

   Civic Collections of Applied Arts &    Engravings
  Civic Art Collections Gallery of Modern Art
Civic Museum of Contemporary Art

   Gallery of Contemporary Religious Art   
Valsecchi Museum Bagatti
Museum Collection G. Lorenzi
Museum of Cinema Museum del Duomo di    Milano
Museum of Toys and Children
Museum of Perfume
Museum of the Risorgimento

   Museum of the Basilica of Sant Ambrogio

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