There is an abundance of outdoor activities available to anyone vacationing in Sardinia with over 80 ski lodges to choose from in any of the mountainous areas of the region. You can have your choice of downhill or cross country skiing as well as other winter sports. In summer the normal activities of hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing are also available.

Sardinia has over 120 museums in the region with more than enough ancient relics inside to keep you busy for weeks. The largest and most famous in the region is the national archaeological museum in the capital city of Cagliari which houses artifacts ranging from prehistory into the medieval period.

If you like to see your ancient history outdoors there are many Roman ruins scattered throughout the region. One of the most famous ruins is a large archaeological area of Tharros, with its large collection of ruins and the Mediterranean sea in the background makes it one of the most popular sites. The Tharros ruins are located on the end of the Sinis Peninsula near Cape San Marco. Another major site is the ruins of Nora located only 20 miles from the capital city of Caligiari making it an easy day trip for anyone staying there.

Ancient Roman ruins aren't the only things to see as there are many medieval castles on the island of Sardinia. Some are the castles of Monreale, Monte Arcuentu, San Michele, and the castle of Rocca su Casteddu. There are a few more castles on the island but these are the more famous and popular to visit.

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