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Italy Travel, Vacation Planning Information & Reservations

is what My Italian Travels is all about. Want to take a vacation to Italy in 2021 and see all the great places you have seen on documentaries or heard about from friends. If you want to take a vacation to Italy, learn what you need to know about Italy travel or travel anywhere else in Europe but don't know how or where to start planning, then I invite you into my site where I show  what you will need to know to plan the best vacation for you. Who knows your likes and what you want to see better then you so what better reason to learning how to plan a great vacation. Learning here will also give you a great background of knowledge for planning great vacations anywhere in the world for the rest of your life so come on into MIT and see how much fun it is to learn a new skill that will last a lifetime.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Read More

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Venice Our First Day

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Sistine Chapel

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Museums of Rome

Venice Sightseeing

Pompeii For the Day

Venice Our Last Day

Venice Backstreets

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Italian travel Planning, Explore The Possibilities

My insight for vacation planning is to make it fun and don't get stressed out over anything and most of all take your time. No one graduated from high school or college in two weeks so why think you should plan a great vacation in a couple days or learn how to in an hour, so take your time and learn everything you can, it will be worth it when you get where you are going.

To make it fun I think you should explore and get excited about the possibilities of all the things you can see and do as you plan a trip to Italy. I know planning an overseas trip can make some feel a little apprehensive and that is why after reading the information here you will feel as confident about Italian travel or travel in Europe as you would be traveling in your own country.

To make this site easy to navigate you can find what you need under the Learn and Finish banners as well as the main menu bar depending on how you prefer to search for information. Hovering over the Learn banner presents you with subjects to learn in the order I believe is best when planning a trip to Italy. When you are ready to book your vacation I have links to many major booking companies Inside the reservation center.

Italian Travel Planning The Learning Process

The Plan Trip page has seven articles covering the how to aspects of planning and arranging your trip and includes the articles below. The articles can be accessed from this page, the main menu as well as the plan trip page.

Using Google maps to plan your sightseeing and where to stay.

Hotels, This page provides the information needed to pick the location and the hotel that will be right for you.

Our Flights page has information on choosing a flight whether it be flying into and out of the same airport or multiple airports.

The Cars page deals with the pros and cons of driving in Italy and how to decide whether or not to rent a car.

The Train page provides information on whether buying a travel pass is best for you or if buying individual tickets from each departure city is better based on where you are going.

The Cruise page tells how to plan your cruise based on what you want to see, whether the cruise will be only part of your vacation or the entire vacation. .

City Tours is a page many like as it provides ideas on how to decide what kind of Italian travel tour you want to take and how to use the tour company's web site to book your tour.

 Italian Travel Planning Finishing Touches

Things you can do after making reservations and before you leave.

The Packing page gives tips and ideas on how to determine how much clothes to take and how to pack in ways to fit your souvenirs in for the return trip. 

At the Airport is a page giving information on what you will need at the airport and ideas on determining how long before your flight leaves to be there.

The Money page gives tips for figuring out your Italian travel budget, what you need to know about Italian ATM's and how to buy things of high value while in Italy.

The Travel Insurance page discusses the reasons for having Italian travel insurance, how to determine what kind of insurance you may need and where to purchase it.

The Passport and Visa page explains a little about what you need with link to a site with more information.

Italian Travel Planning Reservation Center

The booking center give you easy access to prices and to make reservations for your travels by merely clicking any of the related symbols. Most take you directly to a booking page while others may present you with several booking companies to choose from.  You can also make reservations on any of the main informational pages as there are links related to the article on the page. Bookmark my links page for easy access to all of the booking companies I recommend and use myself.

Downtown Rome Hotel Venice Canal from $ 233 per night from $ 141 per night Downtown Florence from $ 122 per night Milan Hotel Cliff Side Sorrento from $ 174 per night

Choose from the greatest cities in Italy to visit like Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Genoa, Naples or any of the thousands of other cities. Then learn to plan your trip to suit the kind of vacation you want to take.  

Information Reservations & More

The first question you may ask is where should I start, I recommend looking over the home page to get a feel of what is here and to see what subjects are on the site to learn.

After that I would hover over explore and read an insight I share when it comes to vacation planning. This could raise more questions like, where are the best places to go in Italy or what is the best time to visit Italy and are all important question which are answered in My Italian Travels.

Once you have read this you have two ways to explore this site, one is by the main menu at the top of the page where you can click on any category you want. Clicking on plan trip on the main menu takes you to an overview page with all the how to articles. There is also a drop down menu with other categories. The same plan trip categories can also be found behind the learn banner and for some is easier to find and pick a topic.


Behind the finish banner are articles not as much about planning but more of things you do shortly before you leave for your trip.

There are several videos on this site to learn visually as well as reading. I also have a video series that isn't on the site but you can see them by signing up for my travel information sheet or going to my youtube channel.                                                                                          close window