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Travel Insurance Do I Need It Or Not

Travel insurance is something I hadn't heard of until about 8 years ago and didn't know anything about, so I spent a lot of time trying to find all the information I could in order to be able to make a logical decision  as to whether it was something I needed or not. It didn't take long before I found out there are many different kinds of travel insurance policies and how they could be tailored to what you decide your needs are.

I learned there are people who are very worried about having a medical emergency that their normal insurance won't cover because they are not covered outside their home country. Most people are more concerned with losing their money if something happened to prevent them from going on vacation or leaving early.

After reading more about travel insurance I learned there is just about every kind of specific policy you can think of so how could I decided what I needed. How I determined this was to make a check list of what I thought could happen that could cause me not to be able to travel or to leave half way through the trip and come home.

My first travel insurance policy only covered a few things that I worried about,  for example my parents were older and had been in and out of the hospital a number of times in the last 5 years,  so I didn't want to lose the money I spent on the trip if something happened to either one of them and I needed to stay home, or  lose some money because I had to leave early because something happened to one of them after I left.

8 years ago this was a difficult undertaking because there were so many places selling travel insurance and finding a company that I could deal with was a struggle. Some companies didn't want to sell travel insurance until only a few weeks from the departure date and I thought what good would that do me if something happened weeks before that kept one of my parents in the hospital with an uncertain outcome.

Thank goodness those companies are gone and the travel insurance companies that remain have a wide variety of general coverage plans to choose from along with plans that you can mix and match what you want, there are even some plans now covering volcanic ash clouds and hurricanes which prevent your flight from happening.

Now when I go on vacation I get a general plan that covers me from leaving if something happens to one of my parents, strikes from airlines, weather related occurrences and a few other things. But like most things regarding your vacation only you can decide what you may need as far as coverage. Many people never think about travel insurance until after it is too late. Like car insurance it is something you don't really want to pay for and don't think you will ever use but your glad you have it when something happens.

For those of us at My Italian Travels I don't like the idea of all the money I would lose if something were to happen.

Because this is an expense that many people don't consider you should do some research for yourself in order to determine what would be the best kind of travel insurance for your particular situation. Like all the links I provide on My Italian Travels I have done a lot of research to decide what I feel are great companies so you won’t have to. With that in mind I chose to put a link to Travel Guard on our site for your travel insurance needs, they are one of best and most trusted travel insurance companies in the industry.

Travel Insurance