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Besides the fun things listed below I would recommend reading some of the stories of the things I did while in Italy. My last day in Venice is very funny and a favorite read on the site. My stories are among the regional pages and are on the Campania, Lazio, Tuscany and the Veneto pages many of them are also listed on the My Italian Travels  Home page. Hope you enjoy the stories and the list of things to do.

While my list has many fun and interesting things to do in Italy if you don’t know how to plan your vacation or how to make and book your reservations the list isn’t much good.  I highly recommend reading through my many informational pages to learn how to do your planning and booking and it can all be done on this site. You won’t believe how easy it can be once you know how.  

One thing I did to make my vacation to Italy more fun was to learn to speak Italian, often you can pick up some beginners lessons for less than ten dollar. This can make the trip even more fun if you are going with friends.

Always one of the fun things to do in Italy if you are in Venice is to go on a gondola ride. Check around for discounts first because gondola rides aren’t cheap, sometimes you can negotiate the price or if you are with friends get a small group rate.

If you aren't interested in a gondola ride you can try a water taxi which is a powered boat for just a few people and often you can get the driver to take you on a little scenic tour of Venice.

Since many parts of Italy are rich in art and art history it is often easy to enjoy watching street artists painting as you walk around the cities.

With so many great museums in Italy, even if you aren't into art you should see at least one museum but don't think that museums are only for art because most museums are also filled with archeological wonders and being in Italy most of them could have been found only miles from the museum.

Taking specific bus tour or an overall city tour is a great way to get acquainted with your surroundings and learn about the city, which makes it much easier to know your way around the city.

See some of the famous bridges in Italy such as the Ponte Vecchio in Florence or the Rialto bridge in Venice just to name a few.

If you are vacationing in the winter you could go skiing or snowboarding or in summer you could go camping, hiking or mountain biking.

If you want to go for a walk on the wild side and are in Rome you could think about going to the gladiator school, for a little over two hours you will wear a Roman outfit and be taught the fine art of being a gladiator.

There are also many places around Italy that offers fine wine and cheese tasting, most of which aren't in any of the cities unless there is a company that provides this rather than having so many people in their vineyards.

There is also the old standby of just wondering the streets and visiting many of the shops to see what you may want to buy yourself as a keepsake from your trip.

Of course this is Italy and one of the most prevalent things in Italy are ancient ruins, there almost everywhere so how could you not think about seeing some of them.   


We have a lot of fun taking pictures and a few tips I have to make your pictures come out better and have more fun taking them are. Buy a little tripod about 6 inches tall, chances are you will be traveling as a couple with no one to take pictures of you but if you have a little tripod you can just put your camera on it set up your shot set the auto timer, push the button and you can have a nice picture of yourselves. Another little tip, if you are in any kind of shade I recommend turning on your flash, because of the brightness of the sun in the background often your faces will be dark.

If you would like to add to the list of fun things to do in Italy be my guest just send it through the comments page. Thanks