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Planning Your Train Travels Through Italy

Train travel through Italy is generally considered the traditional mode of transportation for vacationers. Being able to relax as you are transported from destination to destination while watching the countryside go by can be an adventure in itself. As you see little villages with church steeples in the background you may wonder what it would be like to live there, would it be as lovely and picturesque as it looks? On the other hand you may be a daydreamer thinking about battles a Roman legion might have had in a distant field. No matter how you enjoy the trip you won't be bothered with driving as you are just along for the ride. After reading this section you should feel much comfortable and confident about picking and making reservation for train travel online as well as while on vacation.

Now that you have chosen train travel as your means of getting from one city to another it's time to decide what kind of train tickets you need. If you're are going to be traveling to only a couple of different cities then the only way to go is by buying separate tickets to each destination. If you are going to 3 or more cities you want to look into a rail pass for Italy. You still want to compare the rates for the cities you may be using a rail pass for because depending on the distance you are traveling it may still be less expensive to purchase separate tickets.

It is very easy to compare pricing between a pass and city to city tickets and the Rail Europe site will do it for you. I will give you a quick lesson on how to do this.

You can either click here to go to  Rail Europe's main site or you can click on there logo on the top right side of this page. While looking at the site you will see the check fares and schedules box near the top left of the site, just click on the multi city box. Next you will get a screen with up to 6 destinations that you can list, if your only checking on the price for now, fill in the from and to cities in the appropriate boxes and make up the dates you want to travel for each and then click on the check fares.

I really like this feature when considering train travel because when doing it this way, along with the total price of city to city tickets their system will automatically bring up the price of a 3 city destination pass. The more cities you enter into the multi city section the system will price out a pass for that many trips, this way you can see which type of ticketing is right for your trip.

After doing this you can go back anytime and put in the exact dates you want to travel and can make the decision as to whether you want city to city tickets or a pass. Merely check the spot that indicates what you want then click continue. Next you will get a screen with the timetable for all the trains that leave your first city. Be careful when looking at the departure times, depending on the city you are going to there could be a train transfer involved if leaving at a particular time where at another time there may not be. After you have finished this process for your first trip you have to do the same thing for the other trips. After which continue on to the buying the process and your finished making your train travel reservations.

For myself I really like being able to arrange everything I need online so don't have the worries of trying to figure out what to do while I am in Italy especially train travel since I don’t do it often. Booking on line gives me plenty of time to relax and figure out what I needed beforehand.

To enhance your train travel I have also included maps showing the location of the main train station in major cities in Italy along with many smaller cities. Just click on the city listed to the right to find your station. This will help you find where your hotel is in relation to the train station.

To continue reading the articles in order click Cruises.

Traveling Italy By Train

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Click Above To Check  Schedules, Rates And To Book Your Train Tickets

Rail Europe (Americas)