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Seeing the Backstreets of Venice

Venice Italy sightseeing the backstreets

Venice is one of my favorite places to visit in Italy and like most people going on vacation I have to admit I seem to always be in a rush to see as many sites as I can. When doing this I will miss much of what is going on around Venice and don't get a chance to see many of the back streets. This is so much easier to do in Venice than other major cities in Italy because of all the canals in Venice and our desire to take the water bus to see the sites. While in other cities I look on a map and see what I want to see in easy walking distance so I was able to see the normal streets on our journey to the site.

Our last full day in Venice I wanted to spend about half the day looking at glass in Murano and planned on walking around a little and seeing some of the back streets that were close to our hotel. This would have been a good plan but I ended up having a much better day because when I got to the water bus stop I found out they were on strike. There was however one location that was still running service to Murano and was about three quarters of a mile away. It would have only been a half mile away but I had walked about a quarter mile to the closer station servicing the Murano route.

I had already walked down the street Rio Tear San Leonardo in the direction of the train station the day before and was our first time going in the other direction. I had about an hour and a half before the water bus was to leave the station I needed to get to so I had plenty of time to get there. Walking to the water bus stop was a great joy as I got a chance to see places I would never have seen had the water buses not been on strike. As I was walking I made note of places I wanted to spend time at on our return walk and other places I took time to look at because I wanted to watch the artists and craftsmen doing restoration work.

I also looked down the cross streets on our way to see if there was anything interesting to look at on our walk back. Because I didn't plan this walk to the water bus stop I didn't have a map to look at in order to know where I was and where we was going so I would walk a few blocks and ask for directions. I had written down the name of the place I needed to go and I never found it a problem to get directions as I walked since everyone I asked was very nice and the people who didn't speak English would grab someone who did to help us.

After zigzagging around for a little while longer I finely got to where I needed to be and took the waterbus to Murano where I spent about 4 hours watching glass blowers work their magic blowing glass and looking at the finished product in many of the shops selling glass. After that I came back to Venice and went to the first place I wanted to see on our walk back which was a wonderful church only about a block from the waterbus station. Another place I wanted to see was a nice little square I went through on our way to the water bus stop but since I was doing a lot of zigzagging I had no idea how to get back there.

As it turned out I somehow found our way back to the square which had some interesting shops to see. I found a neat little pet store where I bought our dogs souvenirs. Yes I know who buys their dogs souvenirs but it wasn't as much buying them something but seeing what I bought them that reminds us of our trip. As I headed back to the hotel I checked out many of the side streets finding many unique shops selling many neat things. Since it was getting late I wanted to head back to the hotel and go out to dinner but I found a great place to eat on our walk back so I ate on the way and walked back to the hotel where I got everything ready for leaving the next day. I will have to admit I was a little upset at the beginning of the day when I found out the waterbus company was on strike but at the end of the day I was glad they were.

Walking the streets on the way to the waterbus station and back I saw many neat shops, churches and interesting buildings in general that only the tourists staying in the hotels in that area would have seen. Sometimes unplanned things can be a great thing and I know it is difficult to do but I would highly recommend if you have the time to just take a walk to see all there is to see.

Picture of Canal in backstreets of Venice

Canal between backstreets

Bell Tower Of San Giorgio Dei Greci

Bell Tower Of San Giorgio Dei Greci

gondolas on backstreet canal Bridge on backstreet of veince

Gondolas in Backstreet canal

Bridge over Backstreet canal

Backstreets of Venice on a sightseeing day My Italian Travels