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Planning Your Trip By Region

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Planning your Italian Vacation by region is the newest section of the site and will show the location of each region of Italy along with giving a short description of the region, highlighting some of the major things to do. Looking over the regions is great for people who want to visit Italy but don’t necessarily want to go to any of the major cities, but want to find the best places to visit in Italy for their liking. Many regional pages also have detailed articles for things to do in the regions big cities  as well as stories of my travels in the regions I have been to.

Hopefully sometime in the future I will be able to obtain permission to use some much better maps I found so you can get the best views of each region showing most cities and roads.


By adding this section our readers going to multiple regions will be able to see where the regions they are going to are in relation to each other making it easier to calculate travel times. I hope this section will be of great benefit and will be used in conjunction with the Plan Trip section and the Getting started page as well as the rest of this site while trying to plan where to go on your vacation to Italy.  While I tried to put in as much information into each regions section I couldn’t put in everything. I listed as many museums in each region as I could find with the cities they are in. I also listed all the ski resorts as well however while researching them I discovered in Italy it seems like any hotel within a few miles of a ski slope is considered a ski lodge or resort where I consider a ski resort a place with many ski slopes with a hotel or a group of hotels at the bottom of the slopes so you may want to take some time to check out any resorts listed . Our hotel service lists ski resorts as well but only for the northern and most popular ski areas.

The regions where camping is very prevalent I tried to list as many campsites as I could as well. One thing I wanted to mention because I know there are a few listed but anytime you see a campground with the word Naturista listed it is a nudist campground. I tried to mention this on each regional page that I noticed had some listed but I didn’t catch them all.

After you are finished with any page in this section it will be easy to go back to our main planning section where I give you as much information as I can on how to research what to do on your vacation, then how to plan and book each part of your Italian vacation.