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Flight reservations and finding flights

are always a big issue for many people with the usual questions of should I book now or should I wait and see if the price goes down.  However a recent study shows on average you will get the best price on a domestic flight if booked about 49 days in advance and on international flights about 81 days in advance.

This as I said is an average so you could try your luck waiting but for myself I think it is always better to be safe than sorry and if you do find the price goes down significantly you can always call the airline and talk to them about re booking at the lower rate . For myself because I live on the east coast of the USA I find flying on British Air has always been a good deal and I haven’t seen the prices change much over time,

I do know however not everyone will have easy access to British Airways so I tried to  find an air travel only sites to link our site to and couldn’t  so I decided the best thing to do for our visitors to have some options is to link to one of the mega travel sites to look for more flights. I feel that the easiest one to use is Travelocity and have put a link to their flight page on the  right side of this  page.


When making  flight reservations for your Italian vacation or European vacation it is important to know most flights going to Italy and most parts of Europe from the US will have to make a plane transfer. When booking your flight make sure you look at which airport you are landing in, if you are landing in London where there are two major airports you will want to make sure the airport codes match up before clicking the option button for choosing your flights otherwise you could be flying into one airport and out of another.

For example I fly out of the Philadelphia airport, I will fly in and out of London and on to Rome. I want to fly into London's Heathrow airport and the airport codes are PHL for Philadelphia and LHR for London Heathrow so I would want my airport codes to look like this when looking at my flight options.

PHL - LHR     Which is my inbound flight from Philadelphia to London Heathrow

LHR - FCO    Which is my outbound flight from London to Rome

If I wanted to fly in and out of London's Gatwick airport the codes would look like this.


PHL - LGW    Which is my inbound flight from Philadelphia to London Gatwick

LGW - FCO   Which is my outbound flight from London to Rome.

As you can see it is important to look at the flight options you are shown when searching for a flight as you will probably want to land and depart from the same airport on your connecting flights. This may look confusing at first but once you see it on a flight option you will understand.

The airport codes will be vary depending on where you are flying out of and into as many flights can land in London, Paris as well as Germany on its way to Italy.

One thing many people don't consider when making their flight reservations is when will your plane land at your final destination. Flights going to Europe from the US as well as many non European countries almost always leave in the late afternoon or early evening and fly at night.

This only leaves a few flight options, for my location I have only 2 options of flights leaving about 3 hours apart one at around 6 pm and the other around 9 pm. What you want to think about is, do I want a flight that arrives  and gets me to the hotel before I can check in.

You will still be able to drop off your luggage at the hotel but you will have to find something to do for however many hours it is before being able to check in. Or do I what a flight which will get me there so I  can check in right away and be able to take a nice long nap if I want. Only you can decide how you will feel after an all night flight and how you want to start off your vacation.

Other things to consider before making your flight reservations is the day of the week you want to fly. This can often save you money. I normally fly mid week to mid week. I like flying this way because it is often a little less expensive and when I get home I have more than just the weekend to recover from the flight and jet lag. I find that I have a more difficult time recovering from jet lag when traveling from east to west then from west to east.

If you are in need of any kind of assistance such as a wheel chair you can arrange for one to be there for you while making reservations on the internet. If you are flying on an airline that charges for checked bags you can also pay for the checked bags on the internet leaving one less thing to do at the airport. I also have a great article on getting ready for your flight on our page titled AT the Airport that has a lot of good additional information.


The last thing to do now is to make your flight reservations. You can click the  Travelocity link here to go to their web site or you can click on their logo to the right.

To continue reading the articles in order click Cars & Trains now..


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