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I also thought what good would it do to give all this information if I didn't provide the best places to use the information. For example what good does it do to show visitors how to find a great hotel in the location they want if I don't link them to one of the best hotel reservation services in Europe.

Equally important would be to show visitors how to use the reservation service to more easily find and book the hotel that suites them best, so rather than let visitors figure it out for themselves I explain how to use most of the services on the site.

Some of the services are pretty straight forward like airline booking and car rental so I didn't really explain much for them but for most everything on the site I tired to explain how to use the booking service and to fill out the forms.

The companies I have partnered with and link visitors to from this site are the ones I have been using for years since I did a lot of research into them before using them myself. Also every company I used and recommend can be bookmarked from this site or bookmark my links pages that way you don’t have to come back here to find there site to make any of your reservations you can just click your bookmark and go.

Naming the site wasn't easy because the information in the how to articles works great all over Europe not just Italy but I needed a name and because I really like Italy I named it My Italian Travels.  Since I did name it as I did I decided to focus most of the non how to information on Italy in order to give as much insight as I could.

While putting the site together a lot of memories of my travels to Italy came back so I put many of my stories on the site under the regional pages where they took place. I hope this site gives you the information you need and makes it much easier for you to plan and book your Italian or European vacation without needing to search any other site.  However in order to learn what you need to know you will have  to read a good bit but considering how much you will be spending on an overseas vacation you will want to know as much as you can to make it a great one.

The only thing I ask in return for teaching visitors how to plan a great vacation is to return to this site and use the booking companies I use and recommend and book online. Most of them are companies you already  know and use while some are specialized companies based in Europe.

Please let me know what you think of My Italian Travels and how I could improve it. You could also tell me a story about your trip and I may post it. If you have any questions about this site or about travel in general please don’t hesitate to contact me at .

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Information about Me.

After planning overseas vacations with a group of friends for many years using the internet, I thought there has to be a better way to get information and learn how to plan and book everything without going to twenty different websites.

I didn't understand why we could only get little bits of information from each site and not everything from one, so I decided to start this site. With ideas and information from my friends I did research into as many aspects of planning and booking an overseas vacation as I was always looking for when I was making my own plans.

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